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8 Dec

I’ve been struggling a lot recently (or maybe chronically?) with how to make the most of my time.  On one hand, I have an inner voice telling me that I need to always be on the go – crossing things off my to-do list, cooking, exercising, applying for school, cleaning – because if I’m not I will probably look back on a life miserably wasted.  On the other hand, I am a wonderful procrastinator and with the internet always at hand I can usually find ways to put off productivity in the name of “research”.  You know…”I need to research a new green smoothie recipe”, “I wonder if I should bother with acai berries”, “What is the best brunch restaurant in my neighborhood?”  These two habits of mine (feeling my worth is directly tied to what I get done and always finding new ways to sabotage my own productivity) cause me a lot of anxiety.  I wonder how I can change this?  Perhaps designating an “internet free” time each day where I can work on other projects without getting sucked into the vortex?