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School’s Out

11 Dec

I have successfully completed my final prerequisite course for nursing school!  Chemistry was so hard for me in high school but for some reason, between then and now, my brain decided that it all made sense and so this class that I’ve been dreading turned out to be a breeze.  I got up early to take my exam and the celebrated with a hot shower and a green smoothie.  The ingredients only cost me $4.17 and I have plenty for 2 smoothies:

Today’s smoothie was really good!  The granny smith apple made it nice and tart and the ginger added an extra layer of complexity.  Also, since all the ingredients were either green or neutral-colored, the final product was gorgeous.

Smoothie of the Day

– 2 collard leaves

– a generous handful of spinach

– a little bit of fresh ginger

– 1 banana

– 1 granny smith apple

– water and ice


8 Dec

I’ve been struggling a lot recently (or maybe chronically?) with how to make the most of my time.  On one hand, I have an inner voice telling me that I need to always be on the go – crossing things off my to-do list, cooking, exercising, applying for school, cleaning – because if I’m not I will probably look back on a life miserably wasted.  On the other hand, I am a wonderful procrastinator and with the internet always at hand I can usually find ways to put off productivity in the name of “research”.  You know…”I need to research a new green smoothie recipe”, “I wonder if I should bother with acai berries”, “What is the best brunch restaurant in my neighborhood?”  These two habits of mine (feeling my worth is directly tied to what I get done and always finding new ways to sabotage my own productivity) cause me a lot of anxiety.  I wonder how I can change this?  Perhaps designating an “internet free” time each day where I can work on other projects without getting sucked into the vortex?