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11 Jun

One of the big changes that I’m going to have to make is in the way I feed myself.  I can’t tell you exactly how much I spend on groceries but I know that it’s a lot, especially for one person.  I like healthy, organic, convenient, and novel foods.  I shop at the nice grocery stores and I like to “treat” myself.  Ok, I’m only willing to give up certain things about my eating habits.  The organic and healthy stuff has to stay.  As for convenience, novelty, and gucci grocery store surroundings…maybe I could make some changes.

Last night for dinner, I made a recipe for 4 servings of polenta with eggplant and tomato sauce.  The ingredients (bulk cornmeal, eggplant, big can of tomatoes, mushrooms, red pepper, onion, parsley) cost about $11, which comes out to $2.75 per serving.  It was easy and delicious.  Not so easy: eating all those leftovers.  Looks like more than 4 servings to me.  But the “waste not, want not” policy is in full effect over here, so wish me luck.