Baking Win

12 Dec

It’s sad to think that my first Christmas baking project may also be my last.  I just hadn’t gotten around to making any goodies until today and I’m leaving town in a week so I can’t make any promises about there being more to come.  Plus, I always feel like I should be putting my time and resources into healthier cooking projects.  Today’s baking was a bit of a compromise.  I have been dying to make my favorite Chocolate Crinkle cookies but I also needed to make a gift for someone who specifically requested “no chocolate”.  Apparently she just can’t control herself around the stuff 🙂  So I made biscotti, not what I’d consider a health food but it is low fat and packed with nutritious dried fruit and nuts.  The recipe come from Leite’s Culinaria website and was recently featured in The Kitchn’s fig recipe roundup (which has lots of other amazing ideas, btw).  The biscotti turned out beautifully and really weren’t that hard to make.  Also, they were so good that I’ve been completely spoiling my dinner with them since they came out of the oven.  I need to remember to save some for gift-giving!


One Response to “Baking Win”

  1. Dawn Reed January 29, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    Me, too! For Chirstmas 2010, I finally threw over my ancestors every last Swedish Sprintz, crinkle and rosette in favor of biscotti. And now that they are done turning over in their graves, I have to say that, hands down, the biscotti wins. And you get to dunk them in tea! I made: pistachio/cranberry, espresso/almond, anise, almond/orange, and my favorite–spicy nut with pine nuts, pepper, cardamom and a bunch of other good stuff. Easy to make and ships well for gifts. What’s not to love. I am definently coming back as an Italian in my next life. (I get a choice, right???)

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