Restaurant Review: Equinox

5 Dec

Portland is a brunch-obsessed city.  I often see people standing out in the cold for up to an hour for the privilege of being served scrambled eggs at their neighborhood brunch hot-spots.  Sometimes I’m one of them.  Usually, though, Jeremy and I go to our regular place in the Mississippi District, Equinox.  I really don’t know why this place doesn’t get the same crowds as other brunch restaurants of similar quality.  Perhaps it’s just because it’s half a block away from the main drag of Mississippi Street.  Regardless, our wait time is usually minimal, the service is good, and the food is consistently delicious.  Their menu consists of classic scrambles and benedicts alongside more unusual dishes like the Chilaquiles.  We’ve gone there for brunch perhaps a dozen times and I’ve always left happy.  Today I had the tofu scramble, which included spinach, roasted garlic, and avocado.  The tofu wasn’t as soft and was a bit more fried that I would normally like for a scramble, but the vegetables more than made up for it.  They serve Stumptown coffee and whether you prefer a side salad or their brunch potatoes, you can’t go wrong.  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that they have a gorgeous (dog-friendly) patio for the summer months.  Here is a copy of their brunch menu, which they offer on the weekends.


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