3 Dec

This morning I volunteered for a few hours at my local co-op.  This is something that I started doing when I went to part-time at work.  I knew that volunteers were often able to take home free surplus or slightly expired food and they offer an extra discount to working members.  Groceries are one of my biggest expenses (perhaps reflecting my slight food obsession!) and so I figured that anything I can do to save some money there would be worth my while.  Today was a good free food day at the co-op for me!  I got 3 bottles of kombucha, one small blackberry kefir, 4 pre-made wraps, gluten free cookies, a bar of white chocolate, and 2 raw chocolate products to try.

In other exciting news…I JUST GOT A VITAMIX BLENDER!!!!  It’s my Christmas gift from my parents and it came in the mail yesterday.  After 2 broken cheap blenders, I decided that Vitamix was the way to go.  I’m so excited for all the green smoothies and freshly ground grains in my future.

Supergreen Tropic Smoothie

-3 cups packed kale

-1 banana

– 2 Tbs coconut milk

– chlorella powder

– enough coconut water to get things moving

Blend it all together!


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