8 Oct

Today was one of those brutal, resolution-breaking kind of days.  It started out with a staff meeting at work featuring bagels and cream cheese, followed later by irresistible Pretzel M&M’s.  Seriously, what is better than chocolate and pretzels?  They appeared in our break room just in time for me to decide that some serious stress-eating was in order.  That kind of day.  On the bright side, I had some mostly raw tacos I made for lunch that were actually really delicious.  They had mushroom-almond “refried beans”, avocados, tomatoes, and lime.  The corn tortillas I served them in were not raw, but I’m saving up to buy a food dehydrator so I can make my own raw taco shells.  Jeremy took me out for a Caesar salad with tempeh at Laughing Planet for dinner and now I’m relaxing after a hot shower and getting ready to watch the Reservoir Dogs DVD I got from Netflix.  Guess it’s not such a bad day after all.

Listening to: Blur – “Badhead” from Parklife

Reading: Finished Geek Love, by Katherine Dunn.  Disturbing and wonderful all at the same time.  Highly recommended.

taken with our Nikon 35mm


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