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15 Oct

I was supposed to go out and see some music tonight but…sometimes you just need some quality time at home, right?  Plus, I’ve got a show marathon coming up tomorrow night with my boyfriend playing in a couple different bands: Light for Fire (download the free song, you’ll love it!) and Pete International Airport.  Between the two, I think we’ll be out pretty late and so I’ll pretend that it’s not lame at all that I chose to stay home and blog tonight instead of going out with a few friends.  🙂

Tonight for dinner, I had some amazing raw pasta that I made from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen cookbook.  I’ve been a little skeptical about the raw pasta thing for a while.  How could strips of uncooked zucchini ever cut it in the pasta world?  Well, the answer is that you pair them with an amazing tomato sauce.  I honestly think that I prefer her version to the traditional spaghetti and marinara that I’m used to.  The zucchini is such a mild flavor and the fetuccini-style noodles I made using a vegetable peeler had a soft and mildly crunchy texture.  The sauce is simply tomatoes, basic, garlic, lemon, olive oil and sundried tomatoes blended together.  The flavors are fresh and, I think, preferable to Classico marinara that I usually buy when I’m having pasta.

For dessert, I baked a delicata squash that I got on sale at the co-op (a peanut butter cookie served as dessert #2).  Delicata is my favorite type of squash because of how easy it is to make and serve.  All you need to do is preheat the oven to 400 degrees, cut the squash in half lengthwise, and bake the halves face-down for about a half hour.  Add some butter or coconut oil with brown sugar once they’re done and you have a perfect fall side-dish or, in this case, dessert.  The best part about this type of squash is that the skin is thin and soft enough to be eaten.  So you don’t even have to fuss with scooping out the “meat” before serving!

Since I’m rambling on in the “healthy lifestyle” vein here, I might as well mention a workout website I stumbled upon and took for a test-drive today.  Bodyrock seems to be a boot camp style website for the girls.  If I can get over feeling totally self-conscious by comparing myself Zuzana, the trainer, I think I might try to incorporate her routines into my workouts.  Today I tried the Burpee Burnout Workout, which is supposed to last 10 minutes but, in my case, went for about 3.  At least there’s plenty of room for improvement!

Listening to: “Gorilla Manor” by the Local Natives

Watching: Went and saw a great documentary called “Exit Through the Gift Shop” this weekend.  It was funny and thought-provoking, I loved it.

And here’s another photo from my 35mm, which I’m still learning to use.  Have a good night!

8 Oct

Today was one of those brutal, resolution-breaking kind of days.  It started out with a staff meeting at work featuring bagels and cream cheese, followed later by irresistible Pretzel M&M’s.  Seriously, what is better than chocolate and pretzels?  They appeared in our break room just in time for me to decide that some serious stress-eating was in order.  That kind of day.  On the bright side, I had some mostly raw tacos I made for lunch that were actually really delicious.  They had mushroom-almond “refried beans”, avocados, tomatoes, and lime.  The corn tortillas I served them in were not raw, but I’m saving up to buy a food dehydrator so I can make my own raw taco shells.  Jeremy took me out for a Caesar salad with tempeh at Laughing Planet for dinner and now I’m relaxing after a hot shower and getting ready to watch the Reservoir Dogs DVD I got from Netflix.  Guess it’s not such a bad day after all.

Listening to: Blur – “Badhead” from Parklife

Reading: Finished Geek Love, by Katherine Dunn.  Disturbing and wonderful all at the same time.  Highly recommended.

taken with our Nikon 35mm

Camping and Cheezecake

7 Oct

Jeremy and I decided that we needed to get out of town last weekend, before the gray Portland winter sets in.  I am a wuss and will probably refuse to step foot outside heated indoor environs unless absolutely necessary from November until March.


We had to put Jeremy's jacket on Dan to keep him from shivering in the tent.


Well, we still froze and I spent a good amount of time reminding myself of all the nights I have to look forward to in my warm bed instead of on a foggy, frigid mountainside. With that griping out of the way, I have to say that I was treated to some of the most amazing views of Mt. Hood that I have ever seen.  We stayed at the Cloud Cap Campground on the north face of Mt. Hood, where had some beautiful views of Elliot Glacier.

Recently, I’ve started taking an interest in raw foods.  It appears that there is a whole health movement around it with cookbooks and websites galore.  I’m certainly not interested in the %100 raw lifestyle, there are too many sacrifices I would need to make and I’m not convinced that cooked foods don’t offer some important health benefits.  Nonetheless, I think some of the basic principles are great and I’m sure I could benefit from including more raw food in my diet.  Today, I did my best to eat as much raw food as I could.  Here’s how it went:

-banana, spinach, hemp, cacao, and milk smoothie with chlorella supplement added

-raw walnuts

-vegetable and yogurt salad

-carrot, beet, and celery juice

-wheatberry salad (cooked)

-ham and cheese wrap from the freezer


-raw lemon cheezecake

Overall, I did much better than usual when I’m trying to eat raw.  I wonder if I’ll notice a difference in my energy levels if I keep this up?  I may have to try it as an experiment.