Review: Helium Comedy Club

7 Aug

A new comedy club has opened in Portland and, since Jeremy and I have been meaning to see some stand-up, we went for last night’s show.  Helium Comedy Club is located in SE Portland on 9th St just south of Hawthorne, but I challenge you to find their actual address on the website.  The building was obviously not intended for a comedy club and the new paint job doesn’t quite mask the sterility of the environs, both in the bar area and in the showroom.  The costs of drinks and food are pretty standard for a Portland bar and I think it’s nice that they don’t price gouge their captive audience.  They do, however, have perplexing notices posted about a “2 item minimum” purchase per person…kind of annoying.  If you don’t think you’ll want to buy 2 items, just pay cash or close your tab after each transaction; I don’t think there is much that they could do about that.  The pizza we ordered was ok (a lot of crust around the outside with a small inner circle of sauce, cheese, sliced grape tomatoes, and basil).  DO NOT order the house wine.  I’m not a wine snob but I didn’t even want to finish my glass.  Then again maybe I am turning into a wine snob, as I’ve never had this problem before.  The horrors!  I take it back.  Order the house wine for an enlightening test of your own snobbery or lack thereof.  On a more enthusiastic note, I LOVED the comedy and would consider returning for a good entertainer rather than for the place itself.


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