25 Jul

So next week is my final week of full-time work!  Do you know that feeling before you move or start a new job or make some other big transition, where you feel like your life is on hold until the imminent changes come to pass?  I’m kind of in that place right now.  I’ve been spending so much time visualizing what the future holds and thinking about how I want to manage my time and resources that I’m having some trouble just living in the moment this week.

Venice Beach (photo courtesy of Jeremy)

It’s been an exciting few weeks for me.  Jeremy and I took a road trip to Los Angeles (yeah…lot’s of time in the car) and it was wonderful.  Aside from a few hiccups around finding places to camp and having the concert we were going to see  get canceled, we had a great time.  Can’t complain about laying on the beach in Big Sur, walking around the Sunset Strip, seeing an amazing warehouse show, strolling on Venice Beach, and making s’mores.  🙂  I never thought that LA would be the kind of place that I would ever consider living in, but I’ve been having wild daydreams about packing up and moving down there.  At least for a couple of years.  After which, I would probably be more than relieved to hightail it back to Portland.  We got back just in time for me to take my midterm exam and this weekend has been full with an engagement party (not mine), birthday party (not mine), and potluck barbeque (mine).  Should probably do a little more cleaning before the guests arrive here…

The most recent exciting development in my frugal living venture is that I signed up to volunteer at the local co-op.  Not only will I get an additional discount on amazing local food but I get access to the free food bins!  Anything that’s getting a little too close to the expiration date to stay on the shelves is fair game.  I’m hoping that this helps me save money on food while helping me to eat healthy and local food.  I start next week and my shift is just a couple of hours.

Ok, I’m off to make the house a bit more presentable!  Happy weekend!

What I’m listening to: Pet Sounds – Beach Boys

Projects: Basically just focusing on school and roadtrips.  I promise myself to be super-busy with personal development projects once I’m out of this week’s limbo period.  🙂

Lunch in LA (photo courtesy of Jeremy)


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