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6 Jul

Blogging, and most everything else, had to be put on hold for a little while with the arrival of my family (parents and younger sister) for a fun and only slightly stressful visit.  I live about halfway across the country from my immediate family and so it’s a little bit rare that we’re all together in the same place.  At about the same time, my lovely boyfriend bought a wonderful Nikon film camera, with the idea that I (and we) would be able to learn photography skills as a side project.  This is the perfect thing for someone who wants more time away from work and fulfilling things to do with that time.  I got some good practice during the family vacation, learning a little bit about good pictures and a little bit more about bad ones.  We went hiking and visited wineries, a lavender farm, and an alpaca farm.  And we ate a lot of food.

Then, there was just enough time to catch my breath before the boyfriend and I headed out for a 4th of July backpacking trip.  We’re new to backpacking and so I’m in the kind of place where 2 miles feels about like 10 miles.  It was wonderful nonetheless, with a hike along a blue river with waterfalls and pools, a happy black dog, and a secluded campsite.  The last time we went backpacking I tried to be as frugal with food as possible.  I went to the Grocery Outlet and bought food that I thought would be light, quick, easy, and extremely cheap.  This time, the boyfriend went to REI for some of those dehydrated Backpacker’s Pantry meals.  At first I thought it was a waste of money, but after comparing the deliciousness of their pre-made food versus my own home-made (from multiple packages) food, I have to admit that it’s probably worth ponying up a few extra dollars when we’re going out into the woods.  I’m going to give up on that battle.

Projects: photos! and hiking around in the wilderness!

What I’m listening to:  Velvet Underground

Something I watched:  Natural Born Killers, it was pretty disturbing to me but I’ll forgive that since I thought it was actually a pretty good movie


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