24 Jun

You know what’s sad?  When you think you’re going to have some money at the end of a pay period to buy yourself something pretty and then you remember that you have to order a bridesmaid dress.  So there goes $150.  Well, I guess it is pretty.  But it’s not that new hoodie that I’ve been eyeing.  But maybe if I’m really good during the next pay period…

Here is where I make a little plug for my new favorite place to go grocery shopping.  In the last several weeks, I’ve been exploring a Grocery Outlet that is on my way home from work.  I don’t know why things are so cheap there.  I have a friend who insists that they must only sell things that fall of supply trucks, which is slightly plausible since you can never count on finding everything that you need during a trip there.  You can, however, find cereal, frozen food, cheese, wine, cookies, shampoo, etc. and save a ton.  You just have to not care exactly *which* cereal or shampoo you end up buying.  They also carry produce and meat but I feel a little chary about such things.  They do have a good selection of organic brands and I’ve found the quality to be good.  I did buy a package of oatmeal that looked it had had a run-in with a boxcutter.  That was a waste.


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