hard times

20 Jun

Ok, so I’ve fallen a little bit off of this frugal bandwagon.  Part of the problem, for now, is that I’m actually still working full time!  Home-cooked meals flew right out the window in the middle of last week and it’s only today that I’m finally getting back on the bandwagon.  I have some quinoa bread rising in the kitchen right now and I bought some vegetables from the co-op that I’ll be using as sandwich toppings, assuming the bread turns out.  I haven’t overspent on my daily budget yet, but I’ve been using just about every penny.  This means I have nothing left over for miscellaneous larger purchases I may need to make (new camera battery so I can put pics on my blog, bridesmaid dress for upcoming wedding).  I’m hoping that this habit is just a function of not having enough time to put a more DIY ethic into practice.  Only time will tell.

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I went window shopping for the better part of the afternoon, had dinner, and rented the documentary, Dig!, since we had hung out with some of those crazy folks the night before.  There’s something about that rock and roll lifestyle that just seems beautiful and sordid all at the same time.  It seems like the whole purpose was for them to revel in their own youth and beauty and idiosyncrasies…it’s just so poignant to see the same people now but older and a bit more worn down.  I felt envious, though, while watching the documentary of their fame and notoriety.  It put into stark contrast the workaday existence that I’m trying to change up and the fearless but slightly unhinged life that is glorified for us young-uns.

The day in money: $15.00 tip for a massage (the actual massage I had already paid for), $10 bottle of wine, $15 on hot toddies for me and the boyfriend (yeah, maybe we were drinking a little more than we should’ve)

Projects: window shopping without buying anything (that’s good right? can I count it as a project?), not much else

Music: listening to T Rex – Electric Warrior


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