Making it Official

15 Jun

Today I spoke with my manager about reducing my work schedule.  I wasn’t sure about how it would go over but she actually gave me a pretty enthusiastic response…er, is that a good thing?  She said that she could tell that I’ve been feeling a little bit “over it” recently and was really supportive of my wanting some more time for personal projects before starting nursing school.  The unofficial “life change” date on my horizon is August 1st, the day employees sign up for the organization’s benefits package.  I didn’t realize that I can’t opt out until the enrollment date and I can’t afford our insurance on only 3 days a week.  Instead, I’m just going to have to find my own shitty but affordable insurance elsewhere.  I’ve always been grateful for the benefits my work provides but it also seems that once a company or organization gives you insurance, they own you.  It’s scary to leave a job that gives insurance and a few of my coworkers are basically just working so that they and their families can be covered.  Work and health seem to have a close but possibly unhealthy relationship.  Are Obama’s changes going to help this?  I’m not sure.  I just know that if I had some kind of chronic condition requiring more frequent doctor’s visits and medications, my experiment would be run into the ground and never revived.  Doesn’t seem fair.

Money spent today: $18.93 on groceries and a bottle of wine

Daily projects: baked decadently sweet Coconut Toffee Chew Bars (from Cook’s Country magazine) to share with coworkers tomorrow, housecleaning (I can finally see the bedroom floor and the bottom of the kitchen sink)


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