14 Jun

I made my first ever successful batch of bread yesterday!  Bread-making is one of those endeavors that, to me, seems so time-comsuming and unlikely to pay off that I haven’t had much interest in it before.  But yesterday was a lazy Saturday and I thought it would be a good, frugal use of time.  I made whole wheat bread, using the instructions from The New Laurel’s Kitchen cookbook (picked up the other day from the library).  Instead of just giving a recipe and scant step-by-step instructions, the cookbook read like a short personal essay, something I normally find annoying when I just want to make some food but which I actually found helpful and comforting for something as daunting as bread-making.  I already had the yeast, oil, and honey, which means that I only had to buy about $2 worth of flour to get 2 fresh loaves of bread.  Granted, it took all day but it was a lovely day for walking around the neighborhood, visiting the coffee shop, and reading a good book.  The bread-making just sort of punctuated an otherwise aimless day.  Plus, the end result was delicious and I was able to take one loaf to a potluck later in the evening.

So, the experiment is going well so far.  I’ve managed not to spend more than what I’ve budgeted in my daily allowances and life is still feeling pretty good.  Of course that could be the sunshine we’ve (finally!) been getting.


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