Different Life

11 Jun

Ok, I have been at my job now for 3 years, with each year seeming longer than the last.  The point here is not to gripe about work.  Instead, I’m having crazy thoughts about what kind of a different life I might be able to make for myself.  It started with daydreaming about being laid-off.  The prospect of losing my job used to be terrifying, but recently it’s sounded more like an exciting challenge. What other uses would I find for those 40 hours per week?  How would I make ends meet?  It doesn’t seem like lay-offs and unemployment benefits are in my immediate future so I’m starting to think about what other changes I might be able to make.  At this point, it looks like cutting hours at my current job is the most likely for me.  Written down, it doesn’t seem so drastic.  After all, people all over the country are having hours cut for them or even losing their jobs.  But thinking about the corresponding pay cut and increase in “me” time that such a step would mean is a little scary and a lot exhilerating.  So, before I make any big steps, I’m going to do a little experiment.  I’m going to try and live as if I earn half as much money as I do now.  Then we’ll see how serious I actually am about this.  Full disclosure: I don’t have loans, house payments, car payments, a child, or a high cost of living.  I’m applying to nursing school this winter, so any changes I make to my work-life are temporary as my time at this job has a definite expiration date.  I also have some savings and would have to plan on using them to pay for my remaining nursing prerequisite courses and any emergencies that might arise. 

The purpose of this experiment is twofold: (1) to try my hand at more frugal living and (2) to use my extra time to my best advantage by learning a new skill, taking up a craft, cooking from scratch, riding my bike, doing anything that my current lifestyle gets in the way of.  For now, I’m just implementing stage 1 and ruthlessly plotting stage 2.


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